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Cincinnati's Foreign Car Specialists

3700 Montgomery Road
(corner of Dana and Montgomery)

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Here's what customers are saying about their experience at Auto4n:

September 2014

September 5

"I didn't get any repairs done due to the length of repairs needed (most likely replacing the car), but the guys at Auto4n were great about explaining the issues I was having as well as outlining the cost of the repairs. Even though I am most likely not going to go through with the repairs, I had a great experience!"

Arron S., VW PAssat 45219

September 5

"As usual, the excellent work done on my car and the phenomenal customer service made my Auto4N experience incredible. This time, Noah found that my tires had dry rotted, and Chris and Keith coordinated getting them replaced. My windshield also needed to be replaced, and Keith helped me coordinate with a glass company so that could happen while my car was getting serviced. Mike, as always, provided wonderful guidance and support. This is an amazing company with each person participating to create an excellent experience."

Judy R., Acura TL 45206

September 6

"All good. Appreciate the piece of fruit and friendly reasonable service. Can't imagine going back to the dealership for service."

Michelle L., Acura RDX 45229

September 8

"Auto4N is anything but ordinary. They got me in and out for a oil change in no time flat! They treat my VW Golf like it's their own. Thanks guys!

Nicole L., VW Golf 45209

September 9

This was my first experience using Auto4N (I was referred by a friend), and I must say I was impressed. Mike was very knowledgeable about the Mini Cooper! He clearly communicated the issues and helped me make an informed decision about the repairs. He quoted 3 hours to replace a belt; however, it only took his guys 2.5 hours and he credited the savings (from labor) back to me! Honest, fair, and knowledgeable...I will definitely use them again!

Lynne H., Mini Cooper 45208

September 10

"Extremely professional. Communication was excellent. Thank you for your help."

Tom G., Toyota Highlander 45219

September 12

"Fantastic group of guys. Keeping you well informed of service, friendly, & competent. Even cool promotional gifts throughout the year."

Rob Y., VW Passat 45140

September 15

"I appreciate the free headlight change."

Morita M., Honda Accord 45208

September 15

"I appreciated the honesty through the process of diagnosis and repair. You did have the car for several days but I did hit you with a major diagnosis job and repair right before the holiday. Also it was the first time you have looked at the car. The next time you will know my car better and have a more personal relationship with it. I also like the idea that you want to see it for a check up in a month or so to make sure it is still good. That is a great idea."

Noah H., VW Passat 45231

September 17

"I left my car when I was out of town. Everyone was great with communication and sent all required work and estimates by email. I appreciate everyone's help and felt they went above and beyond."

Debby A., Mazda Miata 45229

September 19

"A real pleasure ..."

Dan R., Subaru Forester 45229

September 25

"Looking forward to a long term relationship, I like the fact that I am given an over view of my automotive the needs I am a regular hard working person who don't have lots of money but need affordable services."

Charles H., Infiniti QX4 45207

September 26

"Thank you very much for fitting me in."

Phyllis W., Hyundai Sonata 45206

October 1

"I want to thank you for being so helpful and getting my car ready on short notice. I did not learn of the need to attend the funeral until late Monday and your willingness to have the car ready so early on Tuesday was appreciated not only by myself but the family whose member died. I told everyone of your kindness."

Mimi W., Toyota Camry 45103

August 2014

August 6

"Auto4N always takes great care of my vehicle, and every technician I've dealt with has been honest, pleasant, knowledgeable, and helpful." Evan K., VW GTI 41014

August 6

"Going to see the guys at Auto4n is always a treat. I trust all my vehicles to their care. Professional and courteous, the benchmark for all auto repair shops to emulate."

Mike B., Subaru Forester 45212

August 6

"We initially chose to have our maintenance done at Auton4N because their prices for the repair were competitive. But after our experience with them, I wouldn't go anywhere else. I felt respected and very well treated as a customer, and the communication was excellent. My husband and I also both felt like the car drove much better after the maintenance. Add in the fact that we live nearby and want to support local, non-chain business, and I would recommend Auto4N to anyone."

Jessica C., Honda Odyssey 45212

August 7

"I love Auto4N!"

Shelly W., Nissan Altima 45243

August 16

"Auto4n rocks!"

Rachel G., Acura TL 45209

August 27

"I assume the quality is fine, maybe excellent. It was just an oil change, and the car is running fine."

Doug K., Toyota Prius 45208

August 29

"Sweet Pea is not your normal VW, she want warm coffee on the hood in winter and ice tea on the hood in summer and when she wouldn't accept the transmission We all knew it was her! 360,000, 40 miles to gal and doesn't burn any oil, you don't disagree with her, you let her have it her way. Great job guys."

Russ P., VW Jetta 45054

August 29

"Thanks for honest, up-front communication and not nickle-and-diming me."

Rob B., Mazda 6 45212

September 2

"Thanks for continuing to provide a wonderful experience!"

Daniel F., Nissan Altima 45236

July 2014

July 7

"Noah Mike Chris are a good team."

Bob H., Hyundai Genesis 41017

July 7

"I had a great first time experience. I really felt like you are honest, reliable and trustworthy. Thanks so much!"

Jeannie P., Toyota Sienna 45212

July 10

"Really appreciated the communications from Mike and Chris about the progress and details of the repair work done on the 98 Beetle. Very appreciative of the understanding and determination of Mike to get the car in working order after a second set of problems appeared."

Tom K., VW Beetle 45239

July 14

"I wish O2 sensors cost less, but that's not your fault. :)"

Eric B., BMW 325i 45202

July 17

"A high integrity auto maintenance and repair shop with high value to its customers. It is always a pleasant experience when I have my two Suburus serviced at Auto4N."

Dan R., Subaru Forester 45229

July 21

"My experience with Auto4N was great! They were helpful and reasonable and completed the repair quickly. Thank You."

Dan M., VW Jetta 45220

July 23

"Thank you again you do great work."

Bradley W., Subaru Impreza 45103

June 2014

June 9

"One of the things that made us so excited about coming back to Cincinnati was knowing we get to work with you guys again. It is always a pleasure, and I trust you without question."

Suzi M., Mazda CX-9 45229

June 9

"I would actually be willing to pay a bit more for service. On this last service, I was only charged for an oil and filter change when additional work was done. I appreciate this but I'm willing to pay a fair price for services rendered."

Bruce H., Toyota Corolla 45212

June 12

"When I went in to pick up my car, the employees were having lunch together! I absolutely loved to see that! A business that takes care of their employees and treats everyone like family is a business that I will continue to go back to. I trust all the certified mechanics and staff at AUTO 4N and appreciate their honest feedback regarding repairs. I'll be back for sure!"

Lars A., Acura TL 45246

June 13

"The reason I keep coming back is the customer service. The guys at the front desk do an excellent job communicating promptly and explaining the issue."

Joe P., Toyota Camry 45211

June 13

"The best in the biz. Thank you very much."

Mike D., Toyota Sequioa 45140

June 23

"Really appreciate you fitting me in--you all ROCK!"

Jane G., Honda Accord 41075

June 25

"When we were looking at moving back to Cincinnati, my wife and I made a list of pros and cons. It was a dead heat between Cincinnati and Detroit, until we looked at the fact Cincinnati has Auto4N. With that factored in it was a no brainer."

Joe G., Mazda 5 4529

June 27

"Best customer service I've ever dealt with for my car repairs."

Ryan M., Honda CRV 45220

May 2014

May 6

"I always feel welcomed and appreciated as a customer. They go beyond the ordinary to satisfy the needs of their customers, and with a friendliness that is appreciated."

Maureen C., Honda Civic 45208

May 9

Work was prompt and communication was excellent. Price was fair and as described. Great job!

Reid H., Audi A4 45202

May 12

"I am a dedicated customer."

Luther S., Honda Pilot 45204

May 12

"Great service, thorough job, thank you!"

Lisa V., VW Beetle 45212

May 13

"My light was out and my tire kept losing air. As usual, I needed help immediately! Chris figured out a plan that allowed me to get my car fixed in a way that worked perfectly with my schedule. Keith kept me informed of the progress and very reasonable cost of the repairs. The mechanical expertise offered at Auto 4N is perfectly matched by their exceptional customer service.

Judy R., Acura TL 45230

May 16

Thanks, guys!"

Linda F., Honda Civic 45226

May 31

"Always great! thanks guys!"

Christina D., VW Jetta 45203

April 2014

April 3

"It is a wonderful experience dealing with Auto4N! If all automotive enterprises were as expert and honest as these folks are, this country would be a better and safer place. Mike Moore and his crew are rarities these days ... to the extent of buying the types of vehicles that they will take care of."

Dan R., Subaru Forester 45229

April 3

"I started coming to AUTO4N because there were issues with my car that could not be fixed with the other repair center. AUTO4N knew immediately what was wrong and how to fix it. As a matter of fact there were adjustments that needed to be made that my original service guy didn't adjust properly. I have complete faith in AUTO4N and know that they will be fair and honest with me in taking care of my care and for that I am very grateful."

Jackie H., VW Cabrio 45205

April 14

"Keep up the good work, guys. Thanks."

Hemant S., Audi A4 45242

April 17

"You Guys are the Best! It means SO much to us to have someone take care of our car that we trust! Keep up the good work! Oh, and thanks for the nifty coffee mugs!"

Mike H., Scion XB 45205

April 21

"Having to make repairs to your auto is not normally something you look forward to but at auto 4n it can be! I know that no matter what level of service I need I'll get the best service the best price and I know I can trust them!!!"

Barry C., VW Jetta 45208

April 21

"Very good customer service, very honest and trustworthy."

Meg W., Acura TSX 45226

April 23

"Always #1 in service and great atmosphere."

Tony B., Audi A6 45229

April 30

"Thank you guys."

Bradley W., Subaru Forester 45103

April 30

"A unique, high quality shop. Completely trustworthy to do the right things for your car and you!"

Dan R., Subaru Forester 45229

March 2014

Mar 5

"Excellent with everything!! I Am very pleased with the entire process! Thanks for the amazing service!"

Debbie H., Toyota Rav4 45209

Mar 9

"I appreciate the effort to try to keep my cars running. I get frustrated at times with my cars but I feel Auto4N is doing their best to help."

Arlen R., VW Beetle 45237

Mar 9

"They beat the dealers price and had fresh fruit in the morning when I came in to drop off my vehicle. And I got a cool Auto4n mug. I will definetly be back! Love this place!"

Frances G., Acura TSX 45227

Mar 12

"As usual guys - THANKS!"

Nick M., Audi A6 45226

Mar 19

"Need some blogging and videos on website."

Tim Z., VW Passat 45243

Mar 21

" I was 15 minutes late, but had to wait 45 minutes before you started on my car. My wait was comfortable."

Gerry M., Toyota Prius 45229

Mar 25

"Chris and Mike are rock stars! Great, friendly, honest service every time!"

John T., Audi A3 45249

Mar 26

"So far so good. We will have to give couple of weeks to know for sure."

Tyler E., VW Jetta 45157

Mar 26

"These guys are great, they do quality work honest and fair. I would send anyone I know that has a foreign car to use Auto4n for their auto service."

Tracy L., Nissan Maxima 45224

Mar 28

"Auto4N is excellent. My first visit went well and offered that I follow back with them in case my auto has other issues."

Samuel N., VW Golf 45209

February 2104

Feb 2

"In my experience there are a few people/companies that you develop relationships over time that generally don't change: your Dentist, Doctor, Gas & Electric, maybe a Pharmacist or the retired guy that mows your lawn. I think the folks who keep your transportation working also fall into that category, and for me that's you guys. Thanks again for your professionalism and care."

Adam R., VW Passat 45229

Feb 2

"Keith and Chris were kind, courteous and professional. The waiting room with chairs and a little table -- had snappy wi-fi service and a nice Keurig coffee/tea maker. I will definitely be bringing my 1998 Honda Odyssey to these guys for all my future vehicle service needs, small and large. ^_^ "

Brian D., Honda Odyssey 45207

Feb 6

"For Volkswagen or any other foreign car you need serviced in or around Cincinnati. These guys are the best ! Everyone that I have recommended them to has told me how happy they are to have found service so professional."

Barry C., VW Passat 45208

Feb 11

"I continue to be amazed at the level of excellent work on my car coupled with incredible customer service offered by the folks at Auto Foreign. This was a 2 part event for me - first, an immediate ability to replace my battery during the cold patch we recently had, and then the thorough diagnostic work done to determine why the new battery wasn't speaking well to the rest of the engine. Chris explained all this to me in language even I, clearly totally lacking in mechanical intelligence could understand. When I got the bill, I thought they had forgotten to charge for labor. The amount of time and attention my car and I received left me once again feeling very well cared for, completely respected, and safe to be on the road again!"

Judy R., Acura TL 45206

Feb 12

"Wonderful experience. These guys are a joy to work with. Thanks again.

Nick R., BMW 750i 41059

Feb 13

"Repair on coolant hose & pipe was well on time and budget and called to recommend thermostat housing replacement due to it being cracked plastic garbage at the time. Chris knew I needed a car by the end of the say and advised he could get a rental for me for cheap toll the next day. These guys are quality and customer service gurus."

John N., Mini Cooper 45219

Feb 20

"Since we started using Auto4N for repairs on our 2007 Passat we have been very pleased with the whole process from calling for an appointment to picking the car up. Auto4N is very customer oriented."

Jim D., VW Passat 41015

Feb 27

"As always, the guys at Auto4N are superb. I know the work will be done right the first time, and the price will be fair. I have sent many a friend to see them. I wish every business operated the same way. Thanks!!"

Mike D., Toyota Sequoia 45140

January 2014

Jan 16

"The service and ability to work with me are outstanding. I would never want to take my car to any other service/repair shop."

Mimi W., Toyota Camry 45103

Jan 17

"Love this place. They are very friendly and up front about everything. They do great work and have my complete trust. They really seem to care about the customer and their cars. Thank you for your great service."

Manuel V., Mini Cooper 45224

Jan 27

"AUTO4N is the very best place to take your car for repairs or maintenance. Exceptional service!"

Corinne R., VW Jetta 41048

Jan 27

"Always a great morning with Auto4n. nice to see Mike and Keith, we missed Chris this visit. Our hats were a very timing gift and we have worn them a number of times. thanks!!!"

Lezlie V., VW Passat 45206

Jan 31

"Thank you for replacing BOTH of the headlights on my golf. The hot chocolate and hat were a nice touch. Nicole L., VW Golf 45209
Tech: Noah 01/31/2014 Not only do I trust these guys with my automobiles (plural) which is essentially trusting them with your life, I genuinely like them and enjoy talking cars with them. I can tell they care about what they do and they care about people. They practice at a whole different level, with integrity and honesty, sure, but they go not only the extra mile but many extras (I am wearing their hat right now!). I only have a little Toyota and they treat me like I drive a Bentley!"

Pam F., Toyota Prius 45223

December 2013

Dec 2 

"Keith and Mike were great...professional, courteous and helpful in determining problem related to oil leak. Thank you."

Catherine D., Saab 95 45220

Dec 4

"Painless and easy. I very much appreciate the straightforward discussion of the repair cost and options as well."

Evan V., Honda Fit 45244

Dec 4 

"These guys are great workers and I wouldn't take any of my cars to any other car shops. Money well spent. Thanks!"

Marqeta C., Audi A6 45229

Dec 11 

"My car has had more problems than I'd like this year, but Auto4N makes the pain of maintenance cost easier with their honest and thorough approach. I know I am investing money into my vehicle and not throwing it away. I trust the guys at Auto4N to recommend the most cost-effective solution and execute it with excellence."

Grace C., VW Jetta 45220

Dec 12 

"I always like dealing with Auto4n."

 John B., Honda CRV 45212

Dec 18 

"Great experience, very friendly, understanding, and excellent explanation of problems."

 Richard S., BMW X3 41075

Dec 19 

"Fantastic customer service, I felt all my concerns were addressed - I would definitely recommend."

Allison G., Honda Civic 45212

November 2013

Nov 5  

"I called at the last minute on Friday asking for an oil change before driving to West Virginia. Somehow, Chris and Mike got me in. Then Mike let me know that while my brakes would be good for probably the next 3,000 miles, they were worn and needed to be replaced. Chris got me in yesterday (the following Monday) and the team replaced my brakes and had me out the door in less than two hours. Not only is the quality of the work at Auto Foreign incredible, the service is beyond excellent. Also, Keith is a wonderful addition to the personable and incredibly competent staff at Auto Foreign! I'm using this feedback form for both Friday and Monday, so if you're keeping stats, please double the excellent scores!"

Judy R., Acura TL 45206

Nov 8 

"I have never had such a good time maintaining my car. The guys at Auto4N are so honest and helpful and kind. I trust them completely to fix my ride but never to try and take me for one. They are the best!"  

Merideth H., Mazda 3 45209

Nov 15 

"Dropped my car off at an unscheduled time due to my battery failing. Auto4N replaced the battery the next day and Chris even gave me a ride home! Great Service! Thanks Guys!"

Christina D., VW Jetta 45203

Nov 19 

"Once again, Auto4n to the rescue! I am happy to have a new battery going into the cold weather. Thanks again."

Christina C., Saab 93 41011

Nov 19  

"Thanks for going the extra mile and changing my rear brake light."

Nicole L., VW Golf 45209

Nov 20 

"Cabin air is clean now! I owe ya guys for the time spent diagnosing the problem and servicing the spark plugs."

Dan F., Nissan Altima 45236

Nov 27 

"Auto4N has stolen my business away from Donovan's in Pleasant Ridge. Donovan's is a quality garage but Auto4N has the one piece that is missing in most modern day companies.....unparalleled customer service. I am beyond pleased with everyone I came in contact with. I will always use Auto4N in the future. My 04 STI drives like a dream now!"

Brian B., Subaru WRX STI 45220

October 2013

Oct 13

"I brought in my car at 11:30 am and the repair was completed ahead of schedule at 3:30 pm that same day. After the repair, Chris walked me through the list of other recommendations, and he helped me to prioritize future work as my budget will allow. Tony was quick to offer his knowledge about working with my car to address some maintenance concerns. Throughout the process, I felt that I received timely communication about the progress on the repair."

Greg N., VW Beetle 45069

Oct 7

"Further thoughts on "why I feel I belong at auto4n" Mike asked me while I was there about this and I had a further thought which is so obvious that I didn't think to mention it. But it's simply that you are NICE people. I have learned not to underestimate the importance of being nice to people cause our world is getting meaner all the time. So thanks for that!"

Karen M., Mini Cooper S 45229

Oct 9

"Straight scoop on repairs costs and necessities."

Tim Z., VW Passat 45243

Oct 9

"Excellent service every time."

Terry W., VW Jetta 45255

Oct 11

"I have never been disappointed with service, price or friendly receptions."

Barbara M., VW Beetle 45140

Oct 14

"I think you guys are great. Thank you."

Tina M., VW Bettle 45223

Oct 17

"You guys are the best!"

Tara N., Acura RDX 45219

Oct 18

"Thank you. Two words: trust and quality."

Stephannie K., Hyaundi Sonata 45224

Oct 18

"I felt that I was working with very talented, knowledgeable people and that the work would be done at a fair price."

John V., Audi A4 45219

Oct 21

"Keep it up!!!"

Dan R., Subaru Forester 45229

Oct 21

"Fantastic service, as is usually the case. Will definitely be back..."

Jeff K., Subaru Legacy 45244

Oct 24

"Thanks, as always, for your consistently high level of service."

Anne B., Mazda 6 45217

Oct 28

"Mike, thanks for the work on my headlights. The beam is much brighter!"

Cristina C., Saab 9.3 41011

Oct 28

"Outstanding staff. Spread the word already to multiple friends who have already taken their vehicles to Auto4n."

Aaron P., Audi A4 45202

Oct 28

"Mike was very communicative and very friendly (all staff was). Thank you."

Terri W., BMW 328xi 45205

Oct 29

"Mike and the guys are always upfront and honest about any and all work that is required. It's hard to find that these days and I'm glad I found it at Auto4N."

Chris S., Honda Civic 45102

Oct 30

"These gentlemen were just wonderful. Have a POS and they advised me well. Found my mechanics for life and for everyone who will listen to me."

Cindy B., Volvo 960 45204

September 2013

Sept 8

"Looking forward to the continuation of great work on my Honda Fit!"

Kevin R., Honda Fit 45209

Sept 20

"Extremely friendly and courteous service."

Carol A., Lexus RX330 45229

Sept 21

"My favorite car guys!"

Patrick R., VW Jetta 45240

Sept 26

"Told my treasurer he needed to bring his car to you. He indicated that he would be bring his care in for service."

Mimi W., Toyota Camry 45103

Sept 29

"Always very helpful and communicative."

Matt Z., Scion Xb 45208

Sept 27

"I recently bought an american car -- so can no longer use auto4n. but they have consistently been the best repair shop when I had a foreign car. mike & chris, & all the others, are the best & i will miss having them help me with my car issues in the future. Thanks, guys." Susi H., Honda Passport 45212

Sept 28


Kathy P., VW Beetle 43228

Sept 30

"Very friendly and informative staff."

Nico G., BMW 328xi 45249

August 2013

Aug 5

" I will never, ever take my car any where else."

Sara K., Mini Cooper 41011

Aug 8

"Very happy to have found Auto4n."

William L., Volvo S40 45212

Aug 11

"I appreciate all of you. You take such considerate and authentic care of our vehicles as well, our feelings about our transactions with your company. It is a pleasure to know that we are so taken care of. I let everyone know about Auto4N."

Alese P., Toyota Rav4 45212

Aug 12

"None better in Cincinnati."

Greg K., VW Jetta 45249

Aug 12

"Thanks again guys! Customer for life!"

Josh G., VW Jetta 45248

Aug 18

"Thank you Mike, Chris, & crew. You guys rock! We always bring my BMW to AUTO4N."

Vincent B., BMW 540i 45255

Aug 19

"Only basic service was completed(headlight and oil change) so hard to gauge quality, but the staff was friednly and very helpful."

Michael H., Nissan Altima 45206

Aug 21

"This is the second vehicle that my family has had repaired. We couldn't be more happy :) with our experiences. They have saved us so much money and took care of the problem. We will continue to have Auto4N to service our vehicles."

Tracy L., Nissan Murano 45224

Aug 25

"Every visit to Auto4N is always great. I was amazed by how easily (and inexpensively) my car was repaired on this visit."

Bonnie E., Hyundia Elantra 45246

Aug 29

"Thanks guys for your tenacity and willingness to help. The car runs great. Hopefully I won't need to come back in the near future but I will definitely be back as we go forward."

Drew B., BMW 330xi 41071